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Jock Millenson, PhD

1 Pilmuir Road, Forres, Scotland, IV36 1HD
(Tel: +44 208 816 8533, Internet Email:
Divorced, One Child, Anna, Age 35. US Citizen, UK Resident, Canadian Landed


1987 ND, diploma in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine, Faculty of Herbal
Medicine, General Council and Register of Consultant Herbalists, W.
Sussex, England.

1959 PhD, Experimental Psychology, Columbia University, NY

1954BA, Psychology/PreMedical, Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH


1994 Psychology Faculty, SouthWest College of Naturopathy and Health

1991-97Tutor, General Council & Register of Consultant Herbalists,
Middleton-on-sea, W. Sussex, England.

1992-93 Associate Professor, Psychology, National College of Naturopathic
Medicine, Portland, OR

1981-82 Visiting Professor, Psychology, Smith College, Northampton, MA

1980 Sabatical year abroad teaching for the University of Maryland at Yokota
Airbase (USAF) in Japan.

1976 Visiting Professor, Psychology, University of Brasilia, Brazil, South

1973-75 Associate Professor, Psychology, McGill University, Montreal,
Quebec, Canada.

1968-72 Lecturer, Oriel College Oxford, and Senior Research Fellow,
Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford, England.

1968 Lecturer, Psychology, University of Reading, UK.

1967 Assistant Professor, York University, Toronto, Canada.

1963-66 Assistant Professor, Psychology, Carnegie-Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA

1958-59 Graduate Teaching assistant and psychology lecturer in School of
General Studies, Columbia University, New York, NY


2007-Member, New Findhorn Associates (Findhorn Community, Scotland)

2000-2004Director, Pilion Centre Eco-community (Anilio, Greece)
A summer community building and holistic education centre.

1998-2000 Herbal/Naturopathic practice at HealthWorks Holistic Health Clinic,
Forres, Scotland

1993-98 Co-director Prometheus Natural Health Centre, London, UK,
naturopathic practice,1990-91 Research Fellow, Psychology and artificial
intelligence, American University, Cairo, Egypt.

1988-90 Forced retirement to Egypt due to poor health and disability (Chronic
Fatigue Syndrome)


1983-88 Member, International Spiritual Community, Findhorn, Scotland: co-
founded the Findhorn Bay Apothecary Project, a herbal pharmacy with an
educational focus on healing and natural therapeutics.

1981-83 (summers) Therapist, mediator, group facilitator, macrobiotic cook
and kitchen coordinator of the Skyros Centre in Greece.

1977-79 Psychotherapy Internship, Pacific Process Institute, San Francisco, CA.
(Also assistant registrar, New College of California.)

1959-76 Taught psychology and conducted behavioral research at several
universities (Oxford and Reading, England; Carnegie-Mellon in USA; and
York and McGill in Canada). During that period I published numerous
scholarly papers in the area of behavior theory, learning and motivation,
and wrote two introductory textbooks in Psychology. In 1970 I developed
one of the first on-line real-time mini-computer languages, called ACT
(Automated Contingency Translator) for the process-control of
psychological laboratory experimentation.

1959-62Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Birkbeck College, University of
London, England.

American Association of Behavioral Medicine
Society of Sigma Xi
Eastern Psychological Society
Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners UK


1973-75 from the Canadian Research Council for the study of animal learning
and motivation.

1967-72 from the British Medical Research Council for the study of the
behavioral correlates of motivation and emotion in animals.

1967-68 from Lehigh Valley Electronics for the development of a natural
language for computer automation of the contingencies of psychological

1959-63 from the National Institutes of Mental Health, for the study of the
temporal and sequential properties of learned animal behavior.


Leslie, Julian C. (PhD, 1970, University of Oxford), Animal models of
emotional behavior, 1970.

de Villiers, Peter. (BA, 1968, University of Oxford), Concurrent schedules as a
baseline for the study of animal emotional responses.

Weiss, Kenneth(MA, 1967, York University, Toronto). Modulation of
ajunctive behaviour.


Introductory Psychol
Behavioral Medicine
Health Psychology
Experimental Behavior Analysis

Learning & Motivation
East-West Psychologies
History & Systems
Comparative Psychotherapies


(1995) Mind Matters: Psychological Medicine in Holistic Practice. Seattle: Eastland Press.

(1992) Health Psychology for the Practitioner of Natural Medicine. Course module for the
Faculty of Herbal Medicine, General Council and Register of Consultant Herbalists,
W. Sussex, England.

(1992) User-friendly medical education. Metanoia, 2, No. 14.


(1992) Myalgic Encephalomyletis (M.E.): An alternative view. Interaction, 9, l5-18.

(1979) Principles of behavioral analysis(2nd ed., with J. C. Leslie) NY: Macmillan.

(1977, with Allen, R.B. and Pinker, S.) Adjunctive drinking during variable and random-
interval food reinforcement schedules. Animal Learning and Behav.,5, 285-290.

(1977, with Kehoe, E. J. and Gormezano, I.) Classical conditioning of the rabbit's nicti-
tating membrane response with fixed & mixed CS-US intervals. Learning &
8, 351-366.

(1977) Recent developments in behavior theory. Rev. Mexicana de Analyists de la
3, 127-37.

(1974, with J. Leslie) The conditioned emotional response (CER) as a baseline for the
study of anti-anxiety drugs. Neuropharmacology, 134, 1-9.

(1973, with J.C. Leslie) Effects of signalled free reinforcement on concurrent performances.
Bull. Psychonomic Society, 1, 97-100.

(1973, with Kehoe, E.J., Tait, R.W. and Gormezano, I.) A minicomputerk program for
control and data acquisition in coassical conditioning. Behav. Res. Methods & Inst.,
5, 213-217.

(1973) On-line sequential control of experiments by an automated contingency translator
(ACT). In B. Weiss (Ed.) Digital computers in the behavioral laboratory. New York:

(1972, with deVilliers, P.A.) Concurrent performances: a baseline for the study of
conditioned anxiety. J. exp. anal. Behav., 18, 287-294.

(1972, with Gilbert, R.) Reinforcement: behavior analyses. New York: Academic Press.

(1972) A motivation-reinforcement theory of emotion. Studia Psychologia(Prague), 13,

(1972, with de Villiers, P.A) Motivational properties of conditioned anxiety. Chapter 6 in
Millenson, J.R. and Gilbert, R. op. cit.

(1971, with Dent, J.G.) Habituation of conditioned suppression. Quart. J. Exp. Psychol.,
23, 126-134.

(1971) ACT: An Automated Contingency Translator for the real-time on-line computer
process-control of behavioral contingencies. Behav. Sci.,6, 240-247.

(1969, with B. Migler) Analysis of response rates during stimulus generalization. J. exp.
anal. Behav
., 12- 81-87.

(1969, with G. D. Sullivan) A hardware random number generator for use with computer
control of probabilistic contingencies. Behav. Res. Methods. & Insts. 1, 194-196.

(1967, with D. P. Hendry) Quantification of conditioned suppression in conditioned anxiety
training. Canadian. J. Psychol., 21, 242-252.

(1967) An isomorphism between stimulus-response notation and information processing
flow diagrams. Psychol. Rec., 17, 305-319.

(1967) Principles of behavioral analysis. (1967) New York: Macmillan.

(1963) Random interval schedules of reinforcement. J. exp. anal. Behav., 437-443.

(1961, with Hurwitz, H.M.B.) Some temporal and sequential properties of behavior. J.
exp. anal. Behav
., 4, 97-105.

(1961, with Hurwitz, H.M.B., and Nixon, W.L.B.) Influence of reinforcement schedules on
response duration. J. exp. anal. Behav., 4, 243-250.


(2001) Liberating Love: Readings from the German Meiga Communities (in preparation)

(l993) ME and Neurasthenia Retasted (unpublished)

(1990) Millenson, J. R. and Küstermann, R. A cross-cultural study in group
consciousness. Asyüt (Egypt) YMCA Working Paper #142.



2001 (July) International Communities Course, ZEGG (Belzig, Germany)

1997 (Summer) Non-Violent Communication, Language of the Heart workshops with
Marshall Rosenberg, Gina Laurie and Leonard Daniels (London).

1994 (April) Process-oriented relationship workshop with Julie Diamond,

1994 (Feb-March) Five-week process-oriented psychology intensive with Dr. Arny Mindell

1992(May)Process oriented psychotherapy training weekend with Julie Diamond, PhD
and Jan Dworkin, Phd (Odell Lake Lodge, Oregon).

1991 (Nov)Waking up through illness. Process-oriented psychology workshop with Joe
Goodbread, PhD, (Seattle, WA)


Professor Peter de Villiers
Dept of Psychology
Smith Collegte
Northampton, MA
Tel 413 584 2700

Professor Leanna Standish
Bastyr College
14500 Juanita Drive NE
Bothell, WA 98011
Tel.: 206 523 9585

Prof Jeffrey A. Gray
Institute of Psychiatry
De Crespigny Park
Denmark Hill
London SE5 8AF

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Eastland Press.
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